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Yosemite Summer Camp

Check back in May for announcements regarding 2014's program



Search and Rescue is hard work, but don't let that scare you.  This camp is not for people who are unable to hike at high elevation and in extreme weather.  Training is conducted at a minimum of 4000' and a maximum of 8000' above sea level.  Prior to camp, become familiar with how your body handles exertion at high elevation.  Weather in Yosemite can be extreme.  Expect scorching 100F+ weather one day and 20F weather and snow the next.  Expect to be hiking 8-10 miles as part of the regular training.  Conditioning is recommended prior to attendance. Most of all, be able to bring a positive attitude under stressful situations.  Please do not apply for this training unless you fully understand the challenges involved and are ready to meet them!  If you have any concerns about the training curriculum, feel free to email


(all photos are from Cal-ESAR archives)