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Pro Deals

"The Deal'

Pro Deals are special discounts that equipment manufactures extend as a courtesy and a marketing tool for people who are professionally involved in the outdoor industry.

Typically, pro deals are extended to people working as outdoor guides, ski instructors, members of professional associations or are fire fighters, military, law enforcement or search and rescue team members.  These "deals" are typically steep discounts - up to 45% or so off of MSRP prices.   Additional sales and promotions and free shipping can result in even larger savings.

How to qualify

Applying for the programs used to be a somewhat cumbersome task involving the unit making a group application and submitting documentation and member lists.  Now, however most of the manufacturers run streamlined web based application programs that you apply for on your own using a photo of your unit ID, your unit email or sometimes just a brief description of Cal-ESAR and your role on the team or some combination.


Pro Deals are special discounts that are extended for specific reasons and are a privilege.  Furthermore you are applying as a member of ESAR so you have an obligation to abide by both the letter and spirit of the program rules and not screw up our unit's relationship with these vendors.  Specifically be aware that *most* programs have rules such as:

- The purchases are FOR YOU - NOT for resale.
- The purchases are FOR YOU - NOT your wife, your child, your grandmother, your best buddy etc. etc.  If you order three of the same jacket or you order multiple sizes please be aware that you may be seen as violating these rules.
- You cannot disclose how you obtained the equipment or what you paid for it - especially to other retailers.   No bragging on FACEBOOK!
- The exception to this is the deal we have for access to the Mt. Hardware store in Richmond. Details on that are on the 'How to Apply' page
- There are often restrictions on returns and exchanges - caveat emptor.
- Remember that you are representing Cal-ESAR and you have obtained this privilege as a member of the unit - don't abuse it!
- Some manufacturers limit the total dollar amount you can spend in any year - however this is typically $1000 or more.
- Some manufactures limit the selection of product that is eligible for pro-deals.