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Callout Eligibility

As a member of Cal-ESAR these are the requirements to be eligible for callouts and PSAR operations:

1.     All paperwork requirements complete and current.

2.     Successful completion of Cal-ESAR training

3.     ‘Active’ unit status.


From a Cal-ESAR point of view, once these conditions are met a member become ‘Callout eligible’.


The unit sends a weekly callout status text to every member that is callout eligible. Members must respond to that text within 30 minutes and update their status with either “Avail” (available) ‘OOS’ (Out of Service).


Members can update their callout status during the week at any time by simply sending a SMS text to (510) 877-3727 with ‘Avail’ or ‘OOS’.


Important- Members must update their availability at least once a week for 47 of the 52 weeks (90%) to maintain the ‘Active’ status with the unit.