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Callout Procedure

When Cal-ESAR receives a mutual aid request from OES here are the actions that members can expect and actions that must follow:

Unit Actions

1) Members that are Callout Eligible for the search type and with a status of “avail” will receive a Callout notification by SMS text from (510) 877-3727 (ESAR) with the following information:
  • Unit status is ‘Active’
  • Mission ID is: ‘LAW-nnnnnn
  • Briefing location and time
  • Link to the unit Missions page
2) Members will receive an email from ‘’ with additional mission details immediately after the SMS.

Members Must take these Actions:

1) Must respond to callout within 30 minutes by…
  • Replying to the text with ‘No’ If responding is out of the question, with ‘Yes’ if you will respond …OR
  • Clicking on link in the SMS text, or email, to navigate to the Missions page for more details to make a decision and then respond with ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ on ‘Mission’s Page / …..” tab.
2) When responding Members leave home for Incident Command (ICP) they must send a SMS text with ‘departing home’.

4) When responding Members leave Incident Command (ICP) for home at the end of the mission they must send a SMS text with ‘departing ICP’.

5)When responding Members arrive home they must send a SMS text with ‘arrived home’.
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