Youth Protection

Cal-ESAR supports a BSA explorer post. (now know as a 'crew'). Consequently we have youth aged 16-18 in the organization and we follow BSA guidelines for protection of youth.

BSA Youth Protection training - This training is encouraged for members 18 years or older

  • Every member who is 18 years of age and older is encouraged to take the Youth Protection Training. To see more details, please see the BSA Youth Protection Website
  • This on-line course takes 20 minutes or less to complete. Here's a video less than a minute long with directions, and they are also spelled out here:
    1. Use this link, click the "Create Account" button, provide info and you'll be logged in.
    2. On my.Scouting Home page large graphic.."New to Scouting..Click here to take training" on upper right
    3. Select 'Youth Protection Training" Y-o2 and "Take Course"
    4. When course asks you for Council and unit info ....'Pacific Skyline" is council and unit is 'Crew 12'
    5. When you finish, print the certificate of completion as a PDF if you like and name it "Last Name-First Name-ypt"  (e.g. "doe-john-ypt")
    6. Send email with subject: "YPT" to with the PDF as an attachment.

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