7. Winter Skills

 Winter Skills Courses

This is a optional class conducted by Pinecrest Nordic Ski Patrol.

1) Winter Travel & Rescue (WTR1)

MTR1- February 20th, Dodge Ridge and Pinecrest Nordic Back Country.

This is an optional courses available through the Pinecrest Nordic Ski Patrol. Check the calendar and links for course details.

Please refer to the training calendar

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Purpose: Members of the various Nordic Ski Patrols throughout the state conduct most back country winter operations in California. These highly trained individuals have extensive training under these conditions, and are the logical choice for these operations. However, snow can fall during any month in the Sierras. As a result of this, it is important for every member to know how to travel safely in the snow, and how to build fires & construct shelters during winter conditions.

Format: Full weekend course, with lectures and outdoor activities, including overnight snow camping. (20-30 hours) Skills emphasized: Winter travel issues & techniques; avalanche safety; building snow caves & other shelters; building fires in the snow; preventing & treating hypothermia; clothing selection; food selection & preparation; evacuating and treating the injured person.

Prerequisites: Outdoor Skills Introduction to Wilderness Navigation Standard First Aid and CPR SAR Tactics

MTR1 course Details- Use this link for: Course Description

Sign up for this class- Use this link  to sign up and pay through the Pinecrest Nordic Ski Patrol.

Let the unit know you're going and carpool sign up: Use this link for: ESAR notification and Carpool

New Trainees: Under registration, we recommend you use the "Scouting/ESAR $50" registration fee. This fee includes the course text available on the weekend. The textbook is good. If you think you can go without the text, use the "Scouting, ESAR No Book" fee. Members may share a text.

Returning ESAR members: ESAR members who have already taken the course may use the "Scouting, ESAR No Book" fee.

Instructors: If you want to volunteer to instruct, send email to Keith Gale ( keith_gale@hotmail.com) or Instructor of Record ( thijs_kaper@yahoo.com) for details.

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2013's Cal-ESAR class
                    2013's Cal-ESAR class