Knots are used extensively in Search and Rescue. This page documents the basic rope and knot skills you should have as a member of Cal-ESAR. Please review this material since it will be on the final test.

Essential knots

Knots Essentials

  • List of knot terminology
  • Ashley Book of Knots - The Ashley Book of Knots is an encyclopedia of knots written and illustrated by the American artist Clifford W. Ashley. First published in 1944, it was the culmination of over 11 years of work. The book contains more than 3800 numbered entries and an estimated 7000 illustrations.[1] The entries include knot instructions, uses, and some histories, categorized by type or function. It remains one of the most important and comprehensive books on knots.  (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
Note: The abbreviation ABOK, followed by a number, is a common way to refer a knot back to location in Ashley's book.

The Basic 12

Rope belay knots

Flat webbing knots

Rope/Web Storage

Mobile Device Knot Apps

As you'd expect, there are now interactive knot tying apps that run on mobile devices. Some examples are below.

iPhone Apps

Android Apps