4. Standard First Aid & CPR

Standard First Aid & CPR Training


This course is designed to teach the student the basics of care and treatment of the injured person. Upon completion, the student earns a First Aid and CPR card from the American Red Cross, or similar organization. To see CalESAR's requirements for qualifying medical courses, please look here.


Class room lectures, with labs & practice activities.  

Skills emphasized include: 

  • Rescuer safety
  • universal precautions
  • scene assessment & management
  • primary survey 
  • CPR
  • care and treatment of closed and open wounds 
  • fractures & splinting
  • heat & environmental emergencies
  • shock
  • transport of the injured




Training Cal-ESAR.org

To Signup:
  1. Confirm you're attending by checking confirmation in form below
  2. Pay: Click on of the PayPal buttons to pay. Payment must be received before 12/8.
  3. Paperwork: Download waiver (Click here for waiver), sign, scan, save as PDF with file name: 'Last Name-first Name-FA Waiver' and then email to Training@cal-esar.org.
If you're seeing "You need permission", please login to your Cal-ESAR email account, then 
click First Aid & CPR link in nav bar:

First Aid Class confirmation


Course Cost:

First Aid / CPR: $75 for Course only. Provide name and click 'Buy Now'

First Aid Kits

A basic First Aid kit is a mandatory piece of gear every individual must carry for deployment on any SAR mission. Here are a couple suggestions.
Standard First Aid kits are good starting points to carry as part of your personal kit. These items must be added to your kit for SAR:
If you have just one First Aid kit for your vehicle and your pack, consider customizing to handle trauma associated with vehicle accidents. Some suggested additions:

Handy Apps

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a schedule conflict and cannot make the course listed on training calendar, what do I do?

A: You are free to take any qualifying course at your convenience. A description of what courses qualify is described here

Q: I can only attend part of the class. What will I miss?

A: Contact the Training Director for options.

Q: I already have my certification. Is there a recertification option? Can I test out?

A: Contact the Training Director for options

Q: I am a physician/medic/paramedic/EMT/etc. Must I take basic CPR/1st Aid?

A: No. If you have equivalent or higher medical certification scan your Certificate as a PDF, name it "Last Name-First Name-First Aid Cert" and send the file to records@cal-esar.org. Notify the Training Directory by email your cert has been sent.

Q: When must I complete my CPR/1st Aid class?

A: You need your certificates before our OES swear-in.

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