Cal-ESAR Training Program

California Explorer Search and Rescue (Cal-ESAR)
 is a wilderness and urban Search and Rescue (SAR) team founded to respond to searches and other emergencies throughout the State of California. Cal-ESAR consists of approximately 100 individuals (85 adults and 15 young adults (16-21) who volunteer their services and time to the citizens of California. Cal-ESAR supports scouting as a 
BSA Explorer Post, which was originally chartered in 1969.

Cal-ESAR is a mutual aid resource and deployed at the request of the California State Office of Emergency Services.  We respond where needed throughout Northern California and are prepared to be deployed and self supported for 72 hours.  We are are also available to provide training wherever needed throughout the state upon request.
The Cal-ESAR training program is designed to provide members with a means of improving their skills and level of confidence and response. All co
urses are taught by Cal-ESAR trainers, along with assistance from personnel from other agencies. The full ESAR Basic Training Course is approximately 180 hours, and is designed to provide someone with no prior experience all the training needed to become a competent field-ready ground searcher. You can get an overview of the training course content by attending an Information and Introduction Night.

Successful completion of the first 4 modules of this program are designed to serve as an introduction to Search & Rescue, and to give the trainee the basic skills needed for a limited-scope Bay Area-type search. 

For more information on the program, follow the links for the courses described below, or contact us.

Cal-ESAR Training Schedule

Training Schedule 2018-19

Candidate Orientation- September 29
Outdoor Skills Training- October 13-14
First Aid and CPR - December 8-9
Winter Travel and Survival - February TBD (Optional)
SAR Skills Evaluation - April 13-14
Yosemite PSAR- May TBD

In addition, team members are expected to complete the following online course prior to SAR skills in January:

ICS 100a: Introduction to the Incident Command System (ICS)

Intro Night 2017

Other Resources

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